Interview with Jehanne Rousseau

Silverfall: Earth Awakening

Leipzig, Thursday August, 23th 2007

This interview has been conducted by Gorkk for GameGrob during the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig.

Picture of Jehanne Rousseau

Jehanne Rousseau, Project Manager at Monte Cristo for Silverfall and Silverfall: Earth Awakening.

GameGrob: I am here with Jehanne Rousseau, Project Manager at Monte Cristo for Silverfall, who agreed to answer a few questions for us. Hello Jehanne.

Jehanne Rousseau: Hello.

During the Games Convention, you officially announce an add-on for Silverfall, which were released in France in November 2006 and at the beginning of 2007 in the other countries. When did you start the development of the add-on, and where are you at in this development?

We started working on the add-on right after the last patch for Silverfall, the 1.17 patch mid-April. The development is almost over, as we're now starting the debug phase. For us, the master will be ready before the end of the year, and the add-on released at the beginning of next year.

The French release for Silverfall had been stained by a clear lack of time to finish the game and include the features you wanted. With this add-on, will you have more time to polish the work?

Indeed yes, as it being an add-on, we use the same graphic engine, even though we add some optimizations to it, and we basically only enhance and add content, which saves much time and can only push us towards a better quality.

What about the story of this add-on? At the end of Silverfall, the city is rebuilt and the hero lost his or her true love, what happens next?

At the beginning of the add-on, you are the new lord of Silverfall, and hence you must rule the day to day business. Let's not tell too much about it to avoid spoiling the pleasure of discovery, but in an area nearby Silverfall, techno and nature extremists fight each other and destroy everything on their way. They are the Coal Clash Clan and the Bark Panters. Inhabitants of these areas then come to ask for the help of the new lord of Silverfall to settle the conflict.

It's time to get to the new things of the add-on. With Silverfall, lots of players complained about not having a trade interface. Will it be available in the add-on?

It will. It is something we would really have loved to put in the base game, but that we couldn't get into. One must admit that having to drop items on the flour to trade with others was not very practical.

Likewise, one popular demand was for the possibility of moving items between characters on the same computer, with a shared stash for example.