Interview with Jehanne Rousseau

Regarding the story, the add-on adds a brand new campaign, and its lot of secondary quests. What is the length of this new campaign?

Le main quest in the add-on is more or less as long as the one in the base game, et will be completed by around 50 new side quests. The player will go through around 20 brand new maps, which are all graphically unique, unlike the base game where several maps used the same kind of environment. There will hence be a large diversity with the new areas.

And then a large new base to work with for the modders community, and create new campaigns with the editor?


What are the other new features this add-on have to offer?

First of all, the add-on will be available as a standalone add-on, which means it will possible to play it without the original game.

What will players with only the add-on have access to?

They will have access to every races including the 4 of the base game. However, they will only be able to play the add-on campaign and won't have access to the base game campaign. They will start the game at level 45, and Silverfall will be partially rebuilt as if they had done none of the quests for rebuilding, without any techno or nature orientation. The choice of the nature or techno orientation will be offered to them when starting the game.

At times, game performances were not great in Silverfall, and this even with good rigs. Any improvements here?

Actually yes. We made lots of optimisations on the graphic engine, which makes the game much more smooth and most configurations. Most the enhancements will be available as well to people without the add-on through a patch which will be released probably during October.

Many players wished they had a crafting system in Silverfall. Do you have something for them?

We do indeed. I would even say it's the main feature of the add-on, as it offers a full crafting system, allowing the players to not only modify items, but as well to create their own new items through an ingame editor which will be available to the player when he develops his crafting skills. There will be one window to create new items, and another one to enhance items you or others have created.

With the creation window, the player will be able to choose the main material used for the item. He will then choose the main colour of the item with a complete colour palette. Then he will be able to add two rigid pieces like a shoulder pad on the armour part being created, and choose their material and colour as well. Each of these rigid parts can then be enhanced with additional stuff like add gems or spikes. Each and every of the choices available to the player, apart from the colours, will provide different bonuses, which means that the player shall choose the appearance of the created item, but must be careful of the quality of the created item. Anyway, that gives an incredible amount of possibilities! Even more considering that it is then possible to imbue these items to make them even more interesting.

On top of that we added demon stones to enhance armour pieces and weapons (except for backpacks). There's two kind of demon stones: lesser demons, who give small bonuses and relatively common, and greater demons, very rare, and which can only be obtained through quests. The later can evolve through side quests they will give to the player, which will grant them new levels and let them give higher bonuses. Those stones can be removed from the items and added on top of new ones of course. We came with the idea with the Stormbringer RPG, for those who happen to know it.

Two more quick questions before we leave. First, what will be the price range for this add-on?

Most likely around 30 €, or rather just below, like 29.90 €.

Last one. Until now, this add-on was known as “Standalone Add-on” or “Work in progress”. With the Games Convention, do we now have a name?

The French name is still awaiting the approval of our publisher, and will be announced later, maybe during the Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Montreuil next month. For the English speaking countries, the name is “Earth Awakening”, et the German name is more or less a literal translation of it (Note: the German name is “Das Erwachen der Elementer”, which means “The Awakening of the Elements”). It is probable the French name will be of the same kind.

GameGrob: Thank you very much for this interview and all these informations Jehanne.