Interview with Jehanne Rousseau

That's something we're thinking about, but there's no promise it will be featured in the add-on. Our main focus has been the permanent ingame interface and the lot of new features and modifications of the add-on.

Generally speaking, an add-on offers new character classes. With Silverfall system, this would mainly be new races. What about it?

There's two new races in the add-on: the dwarf and the lizardman. The dwarf was a race very popular among the community, so it was natural for us to add it. Of course, like for other base races in Silverfall, it will be possible to choose the gender of the character, as well as its facial traits and its hairs. You will then be able to play a dwarf female or a lizardwoman.

In Silverfall, each race had specific skills; The troll for example had skills making him tougher, the Goblin had techno skills... What kind of skills will those two new races have?

The dwarf will get skills making him more resilient, defence wise and magical resistances wise. As for the lizardman, he will oriented towards archery, with skills increasing agility, enhancing archery, etc.

During the months preceding Silverfall's original release, in particular during the E3 2006, there had been announces of features for Silverfall which didn't make it in the game when released. Among those were the Ultimate Skills which you were supposed to unlock above level 80 with two skill trees maxed. Have those Ultimate Skills been included in the add-on?

Yes we added the Ultimate Skills. There's 8 of them. In addition to these 8 Ultimate, there's 22 new skills added by the add-on, some for high levels, other offering new possibilities to the player, on top of the racial skills of the two new races.

Upon release, there was no unique item in Silverfall. There was no set items with set bonuses either. With the various patches on Silverfall, you added some unique items. Will you add more, as well as sets, in the add-on?

Definitely yes. We add a bunch of unique items with the add-on, and we introduce sets of items.

In Silverfall, the higher difficulty levels had a limited interest, due to their only effect being the added hitpoints to the monsters. Can we expect some changes regarding this particular point?

Generally speaking, monsters have been completely revamped. They will now use much many more skills, and will partly adapt their combat tactics to the player's behaviour, and in particular whether he's attacking in melee or at range. Of course, at low level the monsters will not use many skills, and they will use them much more and higher level, and will as well be more “intelligent”. Further more, we have worked a lot on the resistances to the various magics, to incite the player to carefully choose their buffs, and equipment of course. Some bosses in the base game have been reworked as well to make them smarter and require more tactics; of course, the new bosses of the add-on have been conceived with that in mind. All in all, it's possible that players used to Silverfall will find the game harder, but they will find a much greater challenge with it.

Is there any modifications regarding the interface or the controls? I think in particular of the camera management which was not really convenient in Silverfall.

There has been a tremendous amount of work on this. As a starter, the camera is now completely free, somehow like the one in Guild Wars: you can now not only rotate the camera, but change its tilt as well independently of the zoom, and place the camera right on top of the character or parallel to the floor. Additionally we introduce in the add-on a new option to control the character: on top of the classic Point & Click available in the base game, it will now be possible to control fully ones character with the keyboard, moving with the WASD keys and selecting the enemies with the TAB key.

Lastly, the interface has been completely reviewed and enhanced as well, and now each and any graphical element of the interface can now be moved on the screen at will by the player, including the life and energy bubbles, the elements of informations on the group members, etc. We have revamped the other ingame panels as well (skills, quest log, etc.), trying to answer as many player demands as possible and focusing on ergonomic and simplification.