Immortal Throne: Tiresias

Never meddle in the disputes of the gods. That's how the Trojan War got started. It is also how the great prophet Tiresias became who he was. Faced with taking sides between the king or the queen of the gods, Tiresias wisely chose the one who could wield thunderbolts. But the goddess Hera was still able to avenge herself, cursing the poor mortal with blindness. Zeus, to make amends, granted Tiresias prophetic powers beyond those of any other ever known. Greater than even the oracles of Delphi or of Cumae, Tiresias needs no trance, draws no riddles from the deep, but rather sees the future as you or I see what is in front of us. Tiresias was there when the evil fate of Oedipus brought his kingdom down around his head; he prophesied the early death of Narcissus; the doom of Pentheus; and it was Tiresias that Odysseus sought, when he made his way to the Land of the Dead. Few listened, and few profited. And now it is to you, from beyond the grave, that the great blind seer appears. Terrible warnings issue from his ghostly lips. "Doom!" he calls out. Doom for all, if no one rises to the challenge.