Immortal Throne: Persephone

To tell Persephone's story properly, it must be told from the beginning. You see, the Queen of the Underworld was once known as Coré - the breath of spring, daughter of Demeter, who governs all that grows and flourishes - and she dwelt in the sunlit lands above. But Hades saw her and envied her for her life and youth, everything that he was not. He abducted her, stole her to be his queen and to preside over the gloomy kingdom of the Afterlife. Did she ever come to accept her new life? Her husband? Ah, but that was long ago. A deal was eventually struck: part of the year above, with her mother, and part of the year below, as queen of Hades. As winter comes, Persephone lets a little death into the lands of the living. But she brings life into the Sunless Lands, too - mercy, peace, and her haunting song of yearning, which can be heard far beyond the palace walls. Her powers, although not suited for war, are not to be underestimated. Sympathy, hope, and the spark of truth are magics more powerful than many a tyrant has reckoned.