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"You want me to do what?"
Questing in Titan Quest

"We all begin in one place. We seek to know who we are and hope that our actions prove we are more than we seem. We look at life as a series of journeys, of quests that will give rise to our self. It is in this state of questing that we seek our definition. In questing, we become."
-- Anonymous

We have hit on many elements of Titan Quest over the last few months but have not touched on one of my favorite elements in the game, and that is the quest part of Titan Quest.

Upon arriving in Greece with little to show for yourself except a small knife and a dirty loincloth, you encounter someone needing help? your help. The first quest is utterly simple and requires only minimal effort from you. Do you choose to help Timaeus and his horse? If you do, you receive nothing more than thanks but he directs you to town and to a larger quest.

The next quest you encounter is more emblematic of those quests which you will see in TQ. The leader of Helos, Diomedes, will ask you to help his village which has been besieged by Satyrs and corrupted beasts of the wild. Once again, you can choose to not help but you will be missing out on one of the simplest and, for the new player, more gratifying first quests.

If you choose to help Diomedes, you will have to fight your way to the leader of the Satyrs in the area, a very powerful Satyr Shaman who is well guarded. By accepting the quest, you simply have to kill the Satyr Shaman; the Shaman can be a tough fight for new players, but you will receive some pretty handsome treasure for ridding the lands of his vile presence. After killing the Shaman, Diomedes with reward you with experience and gold, and he will give you directions on what you must do next in Titan Quest.

As you progress in Titan Quest, you will meet many unique characters and some will offer quests that are challenging and unique. Some may require some searching on your part, while others may require you to hunt down lethal monsters or retrieve or rescue lost people or items.

One of my favorite quests encountered much later in Greece involves helping out a noble centaur named Chiron who has lost his bow. Yes, there are still some good creatures in Greece that have not been driven blood crazy and may even need your help. Some may even seek to sell you items.

Chiron?s quest is unique in that you will not only be helping out a non-human but the encounter is scripted in such a way as to lead you on a bit of a chase in order to retrieve the bow. Our designers have done a wonderful job of imbuing many of the quests with some unique scripting and events that make them much more than your standard quest fare.

All quests offer a healthy dose of experience and a variety of other rewards. Like our treasure chests, many of the quest rewards are random and do have a chance of rewarding the player with unique or hard to find items. Although some quests go even further and can reward you with attribute points, skill points, or even permanent increases to your health, mana, or resistances. It is definitely worth your while to seek out quests because you never know what kind of rewards you will receive for helping out the denizens of Titan Quest.

In the end, there are many elements in Titan Quest to appeal across many different play types. But for me, I have found that quests are one of the more enjoyable aspects of Titan Quest and I highly recommend you seek them out.

Justin Lakin
QA Tester